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A Little HTML
This is an "HTML-ized" version of DomiNOTE (see below). It was written to be used as an introductory program for teaching web page design and HTML. You get the same features as listed above for DomiNOTE as well as a Browser Preview button, Document Weight dialog box, and several keyboard shortcuts for quick insertion of HTML tags.

What does A Little HTML look like?

Ashley's Screensaver Hotspots     version 1.7
Here is a freeware system tray utility that lets you specify corners of your screen to act as screensaver on/off hotspots. The graphical interface for setting your corner preferences makes this little utility easy to use. Choose to have it active or not on startup and to optionally run your screensaver on startup. Unlike many other such hotspot utilities, this one is free.

What does Ashley's Screensaver Hotspots look like?

  • Works in Win9x and WinNT
  • Activate/Disable with one click on tray icon
  • Specify your hotspot corner choices with clear graphical interface
  • Choose or modify screensaver from within program

<Body> Picker
This is the <BODY> tag helper from our DominHTML editor compiled as a free standalone HTML color and background picker for building web pages. Preview different combinations of background, text, link, active link, and visited link colors with point-and-click simplicity. <Body> Picker lets you specify a GIF or JPG file as your background as well. When you've got the look you want, click the Copy to Clipboard button and paste the code into your page. If you only want a portion of the displayed code, just select it before clicking the copy button.

What does <Body> Picker look like?

Chess Helper     version 3
This program is for anyone who is interested in learning to play better chess or who needs to create chess board diagrams. Use it to walk through previous games or to solve puzzles and problems. If you're interested in publishing documents or web pages about chess, this program will make it easy for you.

What does Chess Helper look like?   Animation

  • Moves, removes, and adds pieces to the board with point-and-click simplicity.
  • Saves up to four board positions temporarily in memory as you analyze.
  • Saves board positions permanently on disk in algebraic notation. This is great for learning or teaching problems or puzzles.
  • Loads your saved position (*.POS) files for easy reexamination of a particular situation. Also loads PGN files for analysis in a separate window.
  • Creates BMP or GIF graphic image files of the current board position.
  • Allows you to use your own chess boards and pieces in lieu of our default images. You can choose the new board and pieces on the fly from within the program. You can also adjust the plain board's colors.

An HTML editor with many features found nowhere else in this market. There are no clumsy and obstructive wizards to get in your way, just intuitive and efficient tools to help you get your work done quickly.

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DomiNOTE is intended to be a direct replacement for your current text editor. To use it, just download the version your PC requires from the links below. The files are compressed with PkZip so you'll need the proper software to extract them. Once extracted, your easiest path is to rename the executable file to "notepad.exe" and place it in your /windows directory.
If you're asked if you wish to replace the existing notepad.exe, you do.

What does DomiNOTE look like?

  • Alt+D for Delphi keyword highlighting, Alt+L for LotusScript keyword highlighting
  • Save Window position (look to the System Menu box)
  • Drag and Drop text editing
  • Unlimited file size
  • Optional colorization of HTML tags
  • Open, edit, switch between as many documents as PC memory allows.
  • Toolbar and Rightclick (Tabs and Editor) Popup Menu access to common commands.
  • Change Font for screen and printed output.
  • Tabs AND Window menu access to your open documents.
  • "StayOnTop" FindAgain panel stays visible on screen and out of your way.
  • If DomiNOTE is already running, doubleclicking a file in your fileManager will bring the existing instance of DomiNOTE to the front to load your file rather than starting another instance of the program (ugh).

DTree     version 3.3
Combine Windows Explorer and WinZIP in a multiple document interface modeled after Xtree for Windows and you've got DTree. It's a Win95/NT file manager that shines. HTML authors will appreciate that it lets you change case of selected files on the fly (for those pesky UNIX servers) and previews HTML files in color, JPGs, and animated GIFs. Sysadmins will like that it makes text files of folder hierarchies and file lists. It's great for everyone else too, as there are features and features to marvel at.
DTree is a treasure for all those used to the XTree for Windows
versions, and a remarkable file manager for Win95/NT anyhow.

Excerpted from review at the XTree Fan Page
What does DTree look like?

  • Multi-document interface for more convenient access to several folders at once
  • Full ZIP file functionality (Create, Add to, Extract, Makes SelfExtracting files)
  • True display of folder and filename case
  • Show/hide folders in the file list windows
  • Create multi-level folders with one command
  • Copy/Move folder structures with option of duplicating entire source path
  • Enable/Disable confirmations for delete, copy, and move functions
  • Changes attributes and date/time stamps for folders and files
  • File list filtering by filename extensions
  • Change case (UPPER, lower, Sentence case, Title Case) of selected folders/files
  • Calculates folder size (including all subfolders)
  • Saves folder hierarchy to text file
  • Saves file lists to text file
  • Uses filename extensions for sorting and identification
  • Intuitive File Association
  • Quick file previewer, for HTML (w/ colored tags), GIF, JPG, BMP, ICO
  • Print selected text or entire file from file viewer window
  • Copy selected text from file viewer window

Making Delphi Do It is a windows help file that details some tricky stuff that I figured out how to make Borland Delphi do. Much of the magic from my programs on these pages is included with commentary on how I came to get done what I eventually got done.


NEW STUFF 8/12/98
New Take on my 'Tabset with MDI'
Simulating MDI without MDI Overhead
Correct 3D MDI Parent Window
Hide the Close Button (X) on MDI Children
Hiding a MDI Child Window
Display Bitmap on MDI Parent Form
Trapping System Error Messages
Show/Hide Win95 Taskbar
Send Tab when Enter is Pressed
Knowing if the Shift/Control/Alt key is pressed

ORIGINAL STUFF Tabset with MDI screenshot
True Flickerless MDI (no lame lockwindowupdate stuff)
Recent Files List
Store/Retrieve Font Settings
Custom Dialog Find/Replace
Recursive Directory Deletion

My Screen
The one-click solution to using your computer screen as an interactive presentation, teaching, and learning tool. Effortlessly annotate and focus attention on whatever is showing on your monitor. Then Save, Print, or Email any portion of your screen, with or without graphic enhancements like Zoom, Feathering, and Opacity.

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Print this now!
A system tray utility that gives you quick rightclick access to printing or saving selected text from Window's programs. Just select some text in your app, rightclick on the icon and choose an item from the menu, and enjoy your output.

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Space Weights     version 1.1
Space Weights puts a simple interface on calculating weights on our solor sytem's objects. As you increase or decrease the weight amout for an object, all of the other objects update their weight displays as well. Conversion measurements can be adjusted per your requirements.

What does Space Weights look like?

Virtual Drillmaster
The answer for practicing martial arts techniques when you don't have a live partner. Use the program as a quiz master to help you study theory or as an exercise director to hone your responses.

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WordPro Enhancements
Lotus WordPro is fast, has a happy interface, and many unique features.
Click here to see some things we've done/found to make it even better.

yForm.cgi     version 1.9
yForm.cgi is an form-email cgi script. Further, it is a modified version of Matthew M. Wright's original nifty and self-contained form-email script know as ver 1.9 and Donald E. Killen's modification of the same, xFormMail.cgi. To get either of these earlier versions you need only click on the links above.
     Matthew's script sent an email response from an HTML form to a specified email address. Donald's modification sends a courtesy email to the person who filled out the form. Our modifications let you specify whether or not you wish to send the courtesy reply and whether or not you wish to log all form submissions in a database file located on your sever. We've also added several fields to allow you to customize YForm. A sample form is included in the archive below with details about our modifications included in a text file. For a more in depth listing of features, read Mathew's information about

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